Boutique-styled training for specialists passionate about natural and holistic face beauty and rejuvenation.
Face Up Method ®
with proven results
Boutique-styled training for specialists passionate about natural and holistic face beauty and rejuvenation.
Face Up Method ®
with proven results
Who is the face sculptor?
It is not add-on, it is a profession
Face Sculptor is professional who specialised on the processing and recycling of age-related negative changes. Help to save personality, not looking as someone else.
Course program
The training includes an online theory part and an offline practical part.
Zoom video call where Olga talks about the profession and working with clients , as well as sharing theoretical knowledge about the anatomy of the body and face as a entire system, that will be applied later at the practical stage of training
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Hands-on, practice on each other, Olga's face with straight feedback and correction as well as Olga's clients as they provide great and honest feedback.
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Training dates
Classes are designed for the whole day
from 10 am to 5 pm
September 2024
8th September - Day 1/Online
15th September - Day 2/Online
21st September - Day 3/Hands-on, Queenstown
22nd September-Day 4/Hands-on, Queenstown
23rd September- Day 5/Hands-on, Queenstown

your benefits
+ High-end price service with 80% return clients
+ Become a unique industry expert with the support of a group of like-mind professionals
+ 4-6 weeks of investment return
+ Move on your practice to the high-end edge
+ Provide prolonged and proven changes to your clients
Your investments
Secure your spot now with a 50% deposit as there is VERY limited capacity!
$4500 NZD
Excluding GST

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Extras Included
Self- Massage course
Free access to Olga's self-massage courses for a better understanding of face structure and client's homework
Pre-recorded videos
You will get pre-recorded training videos as well as records from your own training and PDF theory materials
Mastermind session
One Mastermind session 2 months after training (online)
Community of professionals
Private chat with other face sculptors and Olga
Feedback from Face Up® Method Practitioners
  • Lucy Groube
    Face Sculptor. Hawkes Bay. Returned the investment for training in 5 weeks
    I was so excited when I signed up for the Face Up training. I took the last spot.
    I was welcomed by the kind, warm, bubbly energy that is Olga.
    The small groups make the whole experience more intimate.
    I really enjoyed the two Sundays of theory. They were busy and full-on but in a good way. So many laughs in a really safe environment, Olga's teaching style is great.
    It really set the tone for the practical part.
    She really takes time with each student. Even after the training came to an end, Olga always kept in touch and supported along the way.
    Olga's knowledge is very widespread and has great slide shows to help with the learning.

    With everything Olga has taught me and still continues to mentor me through, I feel confident in my practice and excited to share with my clients. Everyone has absolutely loved their treatments and is excited for their next session.
    90% are rebooking straight away for the whole year ahead. They have said that the tension has been released and a sense of relaxation has taken over.

    This was definitely the best move, doing this training. It has definitely added value to my life as a whole. I added Face Up with a welcoming price for two months so clients could feel and understand what was going on.
  • Tati @flowmassagewanaka
    Face Sculptor. Wanaka.
    I had the invaluable opportunity of training with Olga and learning the Face Up method. It was an amazing experience, completely enjoyable and fun. Olga is extremely generous in sharing her knowledge and expertise, and her holistic approach is full of love and compassion. The energy that she brings to each meeting is contagious and creates an environment where everyone feels empowered, relaxed and open to share, shine and grow. It was a very inspiring and delightful process.

    Face Up is an incredible technique that resonates with anyone that trusts human innate healing power, personal commitment and the efficiency of a natural healing procedure. Studying this course is like planting a seed in the fertile soil of the heart, its potential is immeasurable if treated with love and dedication. I'd recommend this course to anybody seeking personal and professional flourishing and expansion.
  • Erin McPherson @beauty_by_erin
    Face Sculptor. Christchurch. Returned the investment for training in 6 weeks
    The practical training was amazing 🧡 firstly experiencing the treatment for ourselves was important to know how it feels. Let me tell you, it truly is nothing like you have experienced before!

    It is well thought through and after the anatomy and physiology training combined with the practical you see how it all works together and relaying these before performing a face sculpting treatment on your client it's a light bulb moment for them also.
    Not only having amazing results this treatment has given clients a release of tension, and glowing skin from within and I've noticed a new found confidence in them also.

    I started out offering face sculpting at a special price I had an influx of people booking in wanting to try it. I've had an 80% rebooking rate and my income has definitely increased.
  • Mirelle Simas @sculptedbylela
    Face Sculptor. Auckland. Had no prior experience in the beauty industry
    As a student of the Face Up sculpting course, I can confidently say that my experience has been nothing short of amazing. Under the guidance of our knowledgeable and passionate tutor (aka Olga) this course has been a transformative journey that I'll cherish forever.

    I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Face Up sculpting course. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone passionate about the art of Face Sculpting as it truly is an unmatched and enriching journey.
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