Ivan Krupyshev
New PlaceMakers store
Kaiwharawhara (Wellington)
Project duration: 2.5 years (November 2017 - May 2020)

Fit-out Budget: > $1.2 M

Project Description: The landlord redeveloped the existing PlaceMakers site into a new purpose-built facility for the PlaceMakers branch on the existing site whilst continuing to trade. In that case, the project was divided into 3 stages. The fit-out project involved arranging the new Trade Hall, Showroom space, Drive Thru and Yard area.

My contribution: As a fit-out project manager I have stepped into the project during the practical completion of Stage 1 (New Trade hall and Showroom space) in July 2019. The rest of the project was completed under my management on time and within budget.

Key achievements: The project programme was established in such a way that the operational/trading processes took place without interruption during the migration between stages and the organization of new retail spaces in place of the existing ones.
New PlaceMakers store
Project duration: 12 months (March 2020 - March 2021)

Construction & Fit-out Budget: $ 4.5 M

Project Description: The existing Levin branch is PlaceMakers (Fletcher Building) owned site. The project included the management of the construction part and fit-out. The project was developed in 5 stages. Like in the above project there was required continuity of the trading process at all stages of construction and a fit-out of the new store. The fit-out project was directly tied to the construction phases and involved arranging the new Trade Hall, Showroom space, Drive Thru and Yard area.

My contribution: I was engaged in the project on the feasibility phase and ran through the construction and fit-out bidding process. Also, was pro-actively with construction management and provided support to the Development Manager in part of developing up a construction program and its implementation. I was fully responsible for the delivery of the fit-out project and managing all aspects of the project from start to finish.

Key achievements: The project was delivered on time and well below the budget, taking into account the COVID-19 Lockdown. This was made possible by the timely placement of an order for the production of load-bearing steel structures and other basic elements for the construction of a new building. The closure of the borders in the wake of the pandemic forced me to turn to local suppliers and led to the revision of our own assets in terms of their further alteration/upgrade and subsequent use in the new store. Thanks to this, it became possible to save a significant part of the funds from the project budget.
New PlaceMakers store
Project duration: 3 months (January 2021 - April 2021)

Fit-out Budget: $320 k

Project Description: Fit-out of the leased building including structure alteration and new engineering systems installation.

My contribution: I have managed this project from end to end and I was responsible for building and resource consent obtaining, Budget establishment, tender facilitation, as well as coordinate contractor and suppliers performance.

Key achievements: Project delivered in short terms within the budget and obtaining all necessary consents.
New Restaurants
Saint Petersburg & Moscow, Russia

Fit-out Budget: Average restaurant budget $300 k NZD

Project Description: The new restaurants of the well-known Russian chain of bakery and restaurants Bushe. Preparing a new restaurants for opening in a rented space.

My contribution: My responsibilities as Project Manager were in assistance to finding premises; participating in strategic goals establishments and feasibility planning; budgeting and programming; working with subcontractors, engineers and architects; tenders management; ordering furniture, food and commercial equipment; Site management; Consent management and commissioning.

Key achievements: For 4 years of work in Bushe, I delivered successful projects to open 25 new restaurants; Renovated 8 existing restaurants. I managed up to five projects at the same time.
Superstructure of an office interactive space
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Project Budget: > $12 million NZD

Project Description: The superstructure over the existing production building Bushe of two new floors with offices, conference rooms and co-working spaces with a total area of 2000m2.

My contribution: Despite the fact that the project was not implemented due to funding difficulties, I developed a draft budget and also worked with structural engineers, architects and designers to present the most optimal option for placing a new superstructure over an existing Soviet-built factory building.

Key achievements: A plan was developed for the distribution of all engineerings (gas, HVAC blocks, power lines, outdoor units of food processing equipment etc) located on the roof and falling into the development zone.
Construction of Hydroelectric Power Plants
Russia, Middle Asia

Project Description: The construction of Boguchany Dam (Siberia, Russia) and Rogun Dam (Tajikistan, mid-Asia). The Boguchany Dam is a 2,587 m long dam of combined type, which includes reinforced concrete 774 m long gravity segment for power station building and 1,813 m long rock-fill segment with asphaltene-concrete diaphragm throughout all its length.
The Rogun Dam was listed as the highest dam in the world — 335 metres. The engine room and the water supply channels are located at a depth in the body of the mountain.

My contribution: From2010 to 2013 I worked as an engineer (draft person) for the reinforced concrete and metal structure division. A significant part of my work was a constant presence at construction sites and supervision of construction.

Key achievements: I got a rare opportunity to participate in unique projects whose scale and design can be described as extraordinary. Gaining exclusive experience in the development of non-standard structures and construction supervision on-site on the design and client company side.
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